You see when I was a young boy, I was the kind of kid that would draw the attention of adults in a very nice way. Not because I tried. But I promise to do my best to put what the neurons in my head are dangling to and fro about in plain words. I … Continue reading GO GET



The hostel looks like an apartment. Well, it’s a way of saying it looks too good to be called a hostel. Other universities I’ve been to don’t have hostels that match up to this one. It’s a girls’ hostel and unlike other male comrades who went in to test their evolving manly skills, I was … Continue reading FIGHTER


There she is, seated by a black grand piano. She is playing a pacifying tune; Ed Sheeran’s Perfect song. The combination of her keys flow seamlessly through one note to another. Call her a natural because she plays with her eyes closed. Guess she is not thinking about what she is playing. She is thinking … Continue reading PERFECT


How I wish I could speak Kamba. I hear jokes made in Kamba are funnier than Swahili or English jokes. There are jokes made in Kamba that when translated, the joke would get lost in the effort to amputate and conjoin word for word from one language to the other. There is something about nativity. … Continue reading NATIVE ROOTS


In that room, you can hear hearts beating in a rhythmic manner all in anxiety and anticipation of what they believe or don’t want to believe will happen next. Every head is raised and steadied towards what seems to be their only point of connection with what also seems to be what their lives depend … Continue reading GAME OVER